The Psychology of Beauty

Beauty isn’t all about make up. Once you start feeling beautiful from within, it’ll naturally start showing on your face.

“make up doesn’t make a women beautiful, but the right make up makes her powerful”.

This quote couldn’t be anymore right, make up isn’t a necessity it’s just a tool.

When it comes to psychology, there are many factors that can affect your wellbeing which also affects your beauty.

One of the main factors is acute stress. It affects many functions of your body, that’s probably why people say they can tell by your face you’re worried. Acute stress activates the sympathetic nervous system in order to prepare your body for a flight or fight response as the body assumes your in danger. This means that the body is focused on releasing adrenaline in order to provide sufficient energy. Due to this the body shuts down other processes that it thinks are unnecessary such as the immune system. This is what affects your beauty because your body isn’t repairing or protecting itself, your skin won’t be rejuvenated! Cells aren’t bing replicated and your skins barrier isn’t fully functioning. That’s why people get break outs when they’re going through a stressful period.

Instead of stressing about things that may concern you, see them as challenges that you need to conquer in order to improve yourself instead! It will make you feel more powerful and in control of your life because you will be more prepared to deal with things more effectively. Help your inner beauty so that it compliments your outer beauty. Trust me you’ll instantly start feeling better.

If you feel better about yourself from inside, you’ll feel more confident with yourself from the outside. It’s the concept of a self-fulfilling prophecy. You’ll reflect to others what you believe inside and if your inside is positive so will your outside. Positively and happiness is beauty.

Cut down the stress however you feel is the most effective way. I’m not a therapist but I know from personal experience things like: music, hobbies and just a good chat with someone really helps!!!


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