My Naked Favourites

My favourite make up brand recently has been Urban Decay. All their products I’ve used so far have not disappointed me at all!

The 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil is magic. I’m usually not a fan of eye pencils because they don’t give a very neat line, there’s always a rough edge that will bother me for the rest of the day. But these pencils produce a perfect line with just one stroke. They are so highly pigmented that any colour appears amazing and vibrant. They’re amazing for lining your waterline too and under the eye, for someone who has sensitive skin and eyes they don’t cause any problems at all.

The lipstick I purchased was a nude pink colour ‘Rush’ and I love it because it can go with any look, whether its is glamorous, causal day out or work its perfect. But lipsticks overall the best thing is that they are very moisturising which is why they are good to wear whenever you want. They aren’t very long lasting and reapplication is necessary, but the benefits outweigh that by miles.

The eye shadow primer compliments the next product I will talk about beautifully. It really helps to even out the skin on your eyes and really makes the colours pop! They come in a variety of different “potions” and you just have to find the right one for you. The original is the one I have because it’s universal in uses. I’ve got samples of the other ones and they’re amazing too. Eden is good for if your looking for a Matt and more natural look to your eyes. Sin is perfect to add extra glamour because of its shimmery formula. There are a couple of others too I haven’t tried but I’ll let you guys explore those I’ve heard they’re good too!!

The Naked eye shadow pallets. They are just so self explanatory and don’t even need a review. I’ve got the original Naked and the Naked 3 (investing in the other two soon I hope!!) and I’ve never really needed to buy another eye shadow pallet ever. Each pallet can create so many looks and each pallet has a mix of simmer and matt shades that you wont need to reach for another set of eye shadows to compete your look! The brushes that come with them are great too. I’m a fan of brushes over the old school sponge applicators anyway because I think they do the blending job much better and the urban decay brushes are prefect for the job.

(you can see I’ve used them quite a bit)
(Not all the products are from the Naked range by Urban Decay) 


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