Face Paint 

The foundation of your make up look is well, foundation and I think it’s really important that you have the perfect foundation that not only suits your skin colour but also your skin type.

If your foundation doesn’t suit your skin type it can be very irritating to your cells and increase the potential of acne development. For example if you have oily skin and you use an oil based foundation it just adds to the substances present in your pores. Not only will your skin look unheathly but it also will feel unhealthy.

My skin is very dry normally so I always have to moisturise before I apply any foundation on. But if I use the wrong foundation I find that my skin will dry out during the day too. So here are a few of the foundations I use that I think do the job really well for dry skin but are also quite universal too.

The DiorSkin Nude Air foundation is a beautiful formula. It’s very oil based and is so light!! It comes with a pipette dispenser as it has a very thin liquid consistency. The beauty of this foundation is that it is so light that you don’t even feel like it is on your skin, ideal for the summer weathers I’d say because it lets your skin breath due to the airy formula. There’s a range of shades to pick from and they don’t change drastically per shade so I don’t think it’s hard to find your perfect match! 

The Estée Lauder Double Wear. Now I picked this just because, I didn’t need a new foundation and no one recommended it to me but I have no regrets. It provides flawless coverage and matches skin tones ever so perfectly. It’s really good for glam looks but it doesn’t make your skin look caked either, just helps even out tones so that the rest of the make up and contouring fits in well. Bonus SPF 10 which is never a negative when it comes to things going on your face!


no7 Perfect Light
I also use this loose powder, which isn’t massive recommended if you have dry skin. But I use this when my skin is having a good day and I’m looking for something super light just to give my skin an even colour. It’s a really light power and you can’t tell that you’ve got it on. Good for a random quick pop out. 
For the perfect foundation you need a perfect brush that will blend the formula into your skin without any streak lines. I’m personally not a fan of the flat foundation brush because I feel like it leaves streaks and doesn’t blend well. So my recommendation is:


Urban Decay Optical Blurring
This is the most softest brush I’ve ever purchased and it blends foundation in beautifully. There’s not a single type of foundation that it cannot blend and it’s not too bad for powders either. Highly recommended as round brushes are so much better than flat because it’s easier to apply in circular motion (which id say is more effective).

  Beauty blenders!! I just love these things they’re so universal. It’s good blend out foundations so they don’t look cakey and it blends out contouring really well too. Its also good to get into those inner corners of your eyes when concealing. It’s just an essential piece that should be sitting in your makeup draw in order to add those finishing touches.  


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