First Aid Kit 

Skin care products.. What to use and why and how are the biggest questions everyone struggles to answer, especially when your a first time user. 

Now from what I’ve experienced not all of them will work for everyone so you just have to be willing to explore and give a few things a try. Try something someone has recommended ( which I shall today) but don’t assume if it works for them it will work for you or show effect as quickly as they might say, every skin is unique and different. 

Here are four products I use for the face: 

1. The Simple Spotless Skin face wash is super good for spot prone skin. I’ve recently been having too many break outs and this face was is brilliant to help that. It helps to reduce the visibility of the spot from day one (as it says on the package). You must use it regularly for it to have a good constant effect. What I love about Simple products is that they’re is a very low risk factor of any allergic reaction because they try to keep their formula natural. 

2. Clinique All About Eyes Rich is a cream which is really good for dark circles and puffy eyes. It works almost instantly and lasts the whole day. It brightens the skin under your eyes making you have a more healthy glow. It can be used before applying make up as well and I can assist with your concealer.

3. Superdrug (High street drug store) Mud Therapy deep cleansing mud mask does what it says. Something you can use once a month to give your skin a good deep cleanse as part of your skin care routine. It’s good for cleansing pores and just providing your skin with a nice healthy glow. Not sure 100% for black head removal but overall good for the face.

4. Nivea Cream, I know you wouldn’t expect this to be blogged but it’s totally worth the lime light. For having dry skin it’s the best moisturiser by far. Lasts all day and makes your skin feel so soft!! Doesn’t affect make up application and makes your skin feel hydrated! I absolutely love this cream so much that I don’t bother buying the fancy moisturisers that have x,y,z ingredients claiming they add moisture. Love, love, love it!! 

Hair is one thing that can be so difficult to handle and make look perfect sometimes. Makes me want to cry because my hair is curly and frizzy with the weather and this product is my rock!

The L’Oreal Elvive extraordinary oil is beaut. It’s not oily oil but provides hair with a little more feel. It’s good to help keep the fly-aways down and make your hair look more presentable. It also makes it feel so nice and silky and soft! It’s just a must when it comes to hair products. Might seem on the pricey side but it’s super long lasting, you only need two drops for your whole hair and trust me when I say this because I have long hair.

You need a make up first aid product too and I think this is a must have.


Collection 2000 – Fix Me Up
 The long lasting make-up fixer is an ideal setting spray for when you need your make up to last all day. A couple of sprays across your face does the trick. It’s not sticky l, feels weightless and stops your make up from running or smudging. Highly recommended!! 


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