BB Love 

I’ve been considering buying a BB cream for a considerable amount of time but somehow never have until the other day. The reason behind buying it was that I was going on holiday to a hot hot country and needed something which wasn’t a thick foundation.

The BB cream I got was this:

And you know what it is so good that I’m already considering to buy another tube or two. 

Why is it good? because the day I first put it on someone said to me, “Wow your skin is glowing what are you using?!” A compliment any girl is looking for!

It does what it’s supposed to, I don’t need a separate concealer for anything. It adjusts against your skin tone because the cream comes out white with little beads in it and as you rub it onto your face it colours. 

It’s lightweight and I feel lets my skin breath while providing flawless coverage. 

You don’t need a lot of it for your whole face but I’m still a little weary of how long this tube will last, I’ll update you guys on it! 




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