Naked on the Run

I’ve wanted to review this product the second I brought it but have just been so busy. But now here it is!!!! 

The Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette. This is seriously something a naked products lover needs in their handbag. It has all the essentials for an on the go look. 

Let’s start with the colours of the eye shadows:

It has 4 shimmers and 2 mattes.                    The colour 5050 is absolutely perfect for any highlighting you need to do, not just on the eyes.                                                                         The colours from Dive to Stun are great colours that work amazingly well together and are very neutral so you can work them with absolutely any outfit at anytime of the day.        Definitely a plus point as you are not limited to where and when you can use this kit.

The next is the full size Naked lip gloss;

It’s in the colour Sesso and again a gorgeous pinky nude colour that will match any outfit and goes well with the eyeshadows.

There’s also a half-size 24/7 glide-on eye pencil:

It’s in the colour stag which is a shimmer black. Good for eyeliner use and lining the waterline. Again works well with the eye shadows.

There’s also a half size Perversion mascara which is black. Trust me when I say this mascara is amazing! It really volumises your lashes and adds length to them. 

I love the fact the brush is feathered rather than plastic as I believe it grabs onto your lashes better to give that full coverage.

It also comes with a bronzer and blusher:

The blusher is a nice pink with shimmer.            I was really worried about the bronzer thinking it won’t be any use to me due to my skin colour, but it works well. It is a limiting factor however for darker skin tones but can alternatively be used as a powder base instead as it doesn’t have any shimmer in it. See, everyone’s happy! 

Overall there is one issue, the fact it doesn’t come with any brushes. It does mean you’ll need to carry some with you. But let’s face it what girl doesn’t?! It’s not a factor that makes the product useless because it is probably the most perfect box of make up goodies you’ll need on the go.

Beautiful packaging, not too heavy, perfect size mirror and won’t take up a lot of space in your handbag. Also good if your going on a short break and don’t want to take tonnes of products.

Definitely recommend this product! 


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