Louboutin Love 

As it was my birthday I had the luxury of buying this beautiful lipstick! 


Let’s just start with the packaging first of all because how can you not? The shape is absolutely gorgeous and comes with a ribbon attached to the lid as the lipsticks are to be represented as charms. I think that’s a great concept as not only does it give the lipstick uniqueness the concept of it does as well. The box that it comes is so perfect because it just adds that extra touch of elegance but also keeps it very safe. It actually also comes with a small pouch that is the shape of the lipstick so that you can carry it in your makeup bag without worrying about damaging it.

Now there were soooo many colours to choose from and their lipsticks had many finishes to them too such as glossy and shimmery but I’m a big fan of matte lipsticks so that’s what I went for.

The finish on your lips is amazing. They feel soft and velvety but not sticky like some lipsticks.

All their colours are very build-able so you can go subtle or completely powerful and bold which is great.

It is a luxury item however so i wouldn’t say it’s something I’m going to use everyday, more like special occasions or whenever I want to make a statement! 

It’s the shoes I’m after next!! 


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