October Haul and Favourites

I’ve been doing a lot of mini hauls with make up and beauty products here and there and have been saving them up for one big post. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen some of the things I’m about to mention.

1. Smashbox photo finish primer

Now I’ve never really been into foundation primers or I guess I never really understood the need for them until one of my favourite YouTubers ‘Tanya Burr’ recommended the Smashbox one. I’m so glad I got it! I thought it would make my foundation feel heavier but really the product itself is so light and has a gel like consistency. It makes my foundation go on a lot smoother and more even, so basically it gives a more flawless coverage. You only need like a pea size amount for your whole face so the tiny tube actually lasts you a long time. I wouldn’t say use it every time you do your make up but certainly them days where you need the look to last all day and you know you’ll be going more than one place. I got mine in the ‘hydrating’ formula because I have very dry skin and I don’t think my moisturiser can pull off a long day but this product can! It’s also oil free for anyone who has oily skin. I can go on and on but yeah I second that recommendation for this product. 

2. Charlotte Tilbury ‘Lip Cheat’ Lip liner 

I was going to go for a lipstick but then I saw this Lipliner and the colour was just amazing so I thought yeah I’ll take that instead! The colour I got was ‘Berry Naughty’ and the best thing about it is that it’s quite versitle colour wise because it can go with quite a few of the berry/red toned lipsticks. It’s very pigmented so it really helps your lips to pop out. Also even if you use it to over line your Lip line it makes that more subtle unlike some lip liners where it’s quite obvious. The best part is that it is smudge/water proof and I think that’s so important with dark colours. 

3.YSL Touche Éclat 

The thing I love most about YSL products is their packaging! I know it’s not something you should go buy but come on how amazing does it look sitting on your makeup table or in your make up bag? The Touche Éclat is a highlighter/concealer mainly for the under eyes and the products name means ‘Radiant Touch’. I can safely say it says what it does! You’re dark circles disappear and it instantly makes the area under you’re eyes more brighter. You don’t have to use this as part of a full make up routine you can also use it on its own if you need to which I think is great. The feel of the product is what I fell in love with the most, it’s so smooth and velvety and it’s just worth going that extra bit for a concealer. 

4. L.A. Girls PRO.conceal

I use this product for my contour because I prefer a cream contour over powder. The product is great in the sense that it’s easy to apply because of the built-in brush it has, so it makes your contour more precise. The cream consistency also allows it to be easily blended which is essential for contouring. It’s just such an easy to use product and so convenient.

5. Rimmel Match Perfection


I’ve seen a lot of people recommend this product so I thought I’d give it a try myself. The first glorious thing about this product is that it has a built-in pump!! None of my ther foundations have that so I was really excited with this one. Second thing I loved instantly when I was trying the shade in the shop was actually the feel of the product against your skin, it is so soft and smooth and when I actually applied it for the first time that velvety feeling lasted the whole day which I thought was great. It is a medium coverage foundation which can be built up to a certain extent, so it’s really good for that everyday use. The bottle says ‘Invisible Coverage’ which is pretty true because you can’t tell you have foundation on but it does the job. 

6. Maybelline Master Ink Eyeliner


 I stopped buying Maybelline eyeliners and I have no idea why I did that especially after I started using this. There are 3 types you can get, matte, glitter and satin and I got the matte one. The finish on this eyeliner is amazing, the colour is solid and it doesn’t give that awful watery dull finish. The applicator is perfect because you can go from a very thin line to the most dramatic thick cat eye in seconds. It’s so easy to use and I love it so much that I actually already have a second one for when this finishes. 100% recommend.
7. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Another product I don’t understand why stopped buying from Maybelline. This mascara is just perfect. It grabs every individual lash and coats, lengthens, volumises and curls it without it stupidly clumping together. The wand has two sides to it which allow for the top and bottom lashes to get their own special treatment. Great for everyday and a glamour look, the more coats you add the more glamorous your lashes look and I don’t think there’s any need for falsies with this.


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