The Perfect Christmas Gift 

If you have a friend or family member who is a cosmetics lover OR you’re feeling like treating yourself this Christmas you need to get your hands on this before it’s gone!

Boots have an amazing range of Christmas gifts out this year and when I was out Christmas shopping I managed to get my hands on this for a friend!


This gorgeous Ted Baker beauty box comes with a range of gorgeous products!

Let’s start with the box itself. It’s 100% reusable with a gorgeous Ted Baker flower print and a mirror inside, which I may add is of good quality.

In the top section there are 5 lovely cheek and lip products:

First is a gorgeous hot pink lipgloss. Not as bright as it looks in the bottle, which personally I find is a good thing. It has a lovely glossy finish, no shimmer but definitely nice for a nice festive pink lip to enhance your own lip colour. 

The lipstick is another gorgeous pink which is more a nudey pink. The lipstick has a satin finish and has a lovely silky texture on the lips but it isn’t sticky.

There’s also a blusher stick which is again a pink that is quite shimmery and blends out really well for a nice subtle festive glow.

It also comes with this pretty kabuki brush. I didn’t expect it to be great but it actually is amazingly soft and does a good job.

The last thing in the top is this beautiful cheek palette (definitely my favourite for various reasons). The compact opens side ways and upwards and has a massive mirror which is super convenient. It has three gorgeous shades all for the cheeks. One dark pink which you could use as a blush and then one light pink and another champagne colour which would be perfect as highlighters.

Now for the bottom section:

There’s an eye shadow applicator brush, which again is soft and does the job.

Eyeliner which has a nice matte finish. It’s a felt tip applicator which I personally like and the eye liner itself is really good as well. It doesn’t streak like some you get in gift boxes.

There’s also a mascara which has a nice big synthetic wand which grabs every lash and evenly coats them.

Also there’s a gorgeous rose gold eye lash curler. Always a handy tool and so pretty.

There are two pastel coloured nail polishes. So cute and subtle colours that’ll match any outfit.

Lastly a small palette with 3 gorgeous festive shimmery eye shadows. All are neutral tones that will go with any outfit. Lovely blendable powders and comes with a good sized mirror as well.

The thing I love most is that it has everything you would need to create a great everyday, Christmas lunch and Christmas party look and also great for all year around really!

Also the packaging is so chic! It would look so cool pulling out one of these products from your handbag

And the rose gold! Just perfect! 
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