Secret Lipsticks 

Now here’s a secret brand that isn’t that easy to find but definitely worth searching for. 

Medora is an Asian make-up brand that does the most amazing lipsticks I have ever brought.

There matte collection is my favourite because it’s easy to find a glossy or stain lipstick but the perfect matte formula is so hard to find that won’t dry out your lips.

These lipsticks definitely don’t do that. The formula is silky smooth and make your lips feel soft all day. They also don’t require much re application either and last the whole day.

These are just some of the colours I have and as you can see each colour has a beautiful finish and a lovely name. 

There are so many colours in this brand that range from nudes to the vampy-ist colours ever!


 The colours blend well together to create great ombré looks too! Here I used crushed rose and tender peach.
Comment down below or tweet me what your favourite colour is and if you think these lipsticks are worth trying out! 


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