Quick hack 

Here’s a quick way to hide overgrown nail extensions.

No one wants to pay the salon to remove their extensions or sit and pull them off (you shouldn’t do that anyway because it damages the nails and hurts like anything).   So here’s a quick way to hide them until they naturally start falling off.

1. Take a nail file and file down the nail from the edges that have come away from your nail bed so that there’s not an obvious bump on your nail. Here you can reshape them from the top too if you like, I normally just reduce the length.

2. Start with a base colour that you will paint across the whole nail: your natural nail that’s showing and the extension.

3. Take another contrast colour and paint that on just the extension nail.

4. Finish off with a top coat to make the colour long lasting. I used New Look’s matte top coat.

It’s quick and simple and saves you a little money and effort. Plus they look super chic! 


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