Perfect bath time cocktail 

I LOVE baths! And I’m always looking for the perfect products to make them that extra bit special.

I’m a major lush lover and am always willing to try new products. 

I used these three products in a recent bath and the combination was amazing.

1. Radix Feel Blissful: this bubble bath is amazing! It’s smells so good, just like pink roses and depending on how much you put can add lots of bubbles which I personally love.

2. Lush Sex Bomb: the bath bomb is so beautiful and it gives your bath a gorgeous pink colour. The rose on the top actually floats around your bath and takes longer to dissolve which adds a nice sexy touch. The smell of the bath bomb really compliments the Radox.

3. Marks & Spencer Spiced Winter Berry: this bath oil has a very strong berry smell so really you need a few drops of it in your bath. The glitter doesn’t really stick to you or your bath, just adds a nice touch. The oil itself is very mosturising and leaves your skin feeling great after a bath.

These 3 products go great together! If your looking to have a cute sexy bath and feel good afterwards too definitely try out this cocktail. 


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