Exciting News!!

Hello all my beautiful readers, you’ve guys have shown a lot of love to my blog post Secret Lipsticks I have some lovely information to share with you.

For all my UK readers you will now be able to purchase these lipsticks from me! I was able to get my hands on some of Medora lipsticks featuring some of their new season colours and some of their classics. 

These are the colours you will be able to purchase!

I do warn you that these are super limited edition and when they are gone they are gone! For a small price of £3.99 (and FREE!! P+P) these gorgeous matte lipsticks can be a great addition to your make up collection!

A few of my friends have tried some from me and they have loved them so I hope you guys do.

Click here in order to go to the eBay page so that you can buy them! (If the link doesn’t automatically redirect you paste this link into your URL bar: http://ebay.eu/1REl8py)

I really hope you can get your hands on one of these and enjoy using them! 


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