Instant mani 

Now if you’re like me painting your nails is a very exciting idea but waiting for it to dry and doing two coats AND a bottom and top coat seems like so much work. Plus if you get the courage to do it your impatience ruins your nails anyway so you have to take it off.

We’ll have I got the best product to recommend for you if the above describes you!!

I love Barry M nail products so much and this one is like my go to a lot recently especially since I’ve started working.

The Mani Mask is a nail conditioner so it helps to repair your nails and keep them strong. It’s perfect to use especially if you recently got your nails done with acrylics and have gone back to natural.

It has a hint of colour in it which dries matte and give a faux mani look. So it looks like you spend money on a salon when really you were in bed watching YouTube and it took less than 5 mins.

The picture above is with two coats and it dries relatively faster than normal coloured nail polishes. 

There are other subtle colours in this product and I highly recommend to have one of these in your nail collection. 

My nails are much more healthier and look great in a short amount of time. 


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