What’s in my Make-up Bag? 

 I’ve seen a lot of posts with the “What’s in my make-up bag” tag and I think they are amazing, so better late than never! Another reason why I really wanted to do this post is because until I went to uni I never realised how important it was to have a on-the-go makeup bag. I had random events pop up whenever I used to visit my parents but had to improvise or go bare face because I never really packed make up! ( I know it sounds like a horror story. ) Also I never really knew what I needed to keep with me until I suffered a few trips down back home. 

So here it is: what I believe is essential to carry with you on the go. 

Some of these products I have actually mentioned in previous posts so if you’re looking fore a more detailed review of them go and explore my blog!!! 

Let’s start with the makeup bag itself. I’m a major Disney fan and I love Tinkerbell so when I saw this sitting in primark there was no way I wasn’t going to pick it up! It’s super roomy and fits in all my products (except for the naked palette) and also has a small pocket inside to keep smaller essentials. 

Foundation wise I have kept two. The Rimmel Match Perfection (previously reviewed in a blog) is a perfect everyday foundation as it provides medium coverage and has SPF 20 built in. It’s one of the reasons I have kept a second foundation because I love this foundation so much I use it a lot and can be at risk of leaving it back at my flat! Can never be too safe. So this brings me to my second foundation, Clinique Even Between with SPF 15. This foundation provides great full coverage, more for a date or night out. It is quite a heavy foundation but it feels great on the skin and helps to even out your skin tone for a great photo-finish. 
Carrying on with the face theme I have 2 types of bronzes in my bag too. The first is the L’Oreal Paris Glam bronze in the shade 102 Brunette Harmony. The cute little package is perfect for travelling as it comes with its own mirror and applicator. The product itself has a bronze and highlighter, both of them have shimmer in them but when it is applied it is very subtle. I prefer to use this for a subtle contour and highlight rather than to bronze. The second bronze  I have the the SEVENTEEN Instant Glow Gold Bronze shimmer brick. This product is super shimmery and has 4 different shades of gold. I have this product for the more glamorous events where I need a gorgeous sun kissed glow on my skin. The product is great but I do recommend to use small amounts of it as it is very pigmented.

For a concealer I have the Collection Cover Up Stick in the colour 13 Natural Beige. It’s shaped and packed like a lipstick so it’s easier to apply. It’s mostly good for covering dark circles under the eye rather than spots. I tend to not break out a lot so it’s all good for me as I really need a concealer for my under eyes the most. 

I have also kept a cute little pit of the original NIVEA creme. I personally have very dry skin so I really need to moisturise before I put any form of make up on and even after I remove my makeup. The pot of cream is super small but it lasts a very long time. 

Next I have 4 lip products. First is the Maybelline New York Super Stay 10H tint gloss in the colour Endless Ruby. I love tints and this one is great for when you want to go for dark lips but don’t want them to be so bold. The formula does last a long time but I’m not sure if it does for the 10 hours it says on the package. So again one for the glam looks! Next I have the MaxFactor Lipfinity liquid lipstick. This lipstick will not move from your lips unless you use a lot of make up remover, trust me I have tried, most of the time I would have to leave it on over night because it is that good! I’ve kept a nudey pink colour as it is great for everyday especially if you have to go to work or are going to be out and about for most of your day. This colour is neutral and will go with any outfit. The formula of this product is a bit drying but that’s what leads me onto my next product which is the MaxFactor Lipfinity lip moisturiser. It helps to rehydrate your lips after your liquid lipstick dries. It’s also great on its own so it’s a win win to have this is your bag. The next is a No. 7 Perfect Lips Pencil in the shade 20 Nude. I actually use this all over my lips for a more natural look. The lip pencil is retractable so you never need a sharpener (travel friendly!) and the formula is very creamy so it’s easy to use. 

I packed my make up brushes in a wrap so that the products on the bristles don’t damage the inside of my make up bag or other products, also it just makes them a whole lot easier to find and keeps the bag neat. I have a Real Techniques setting brush. I kept this as something to apply my powders with i.e. Highlighter and bronze. It’s smaller than a blush brush so a little more continent to carry and it also does the job really well. Next I have an eyebrow brush from Wilko which is always handy for the brows. An AVON flat foundation brush, back to classic flat brush does the job and it is quick and easy to use and again doesn’t take up much space. For the eyes I actually took the eyeshadow brush from one of my Urban Decay Naked palettes. It’s got the fluffier end for applying base and the flatter end to contour the crease or for under eye application: killing two birds with one stone! I also have a fine brush for emergencies with lipsticks or eyeliner and a Meybelline New York angled eyeliner brush. 

For my eyeliner I have my still current favourite Maybelline New York Master Ink (previously mentioned in a blog) and it’s just amazing and small and convents. 

I also keep with me my Naked on the Run palette which has an eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, 5 shades of neutral eyeshadows, a bronze, blusher and highlighter. (Full review avalible on blog.)It completes the products I would need to create a full look ‘on-the-go’, hence the name. It is a little big to fit in my make up bag but it’s definitely worth carrying with you.

Lastly is some things I think would be beneficial to carry. First is cotton buds. These are great to fix tiny mishaps like getting mascara on your eye lid or those annoying slips of the eyeliner when trying to perfect your cat-eye. Another is cotton pads which go hand-in-hand with my Garnier Micellar cleansing water. No matter where you are it is important to remove your make up before you go to bed. The Micellar water is great as it removes your makeup quickly and effectively without having to rinse your face off afterwards. It also cleanses your pores to help prevent breakouts and blackheads from prodcut buildup. It also helps to hydrate your skin which is very important as wearing products on your face all day can rid your skin of moisture which isn’t healthy. So definitely recommend you get your hand on one of these. The small bottle is great to carry around with you! 

I hope you found this post helpful and if you think I’m missing something in my bag or have other products you think I should try the comment down below and let me know!


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