Contour and Highlight 

Everyone loves a good contour and highlight so here are some of the products I use when I’m painting my face! Every look needs the right coloured products and the right tools to achieve the final look. 

Let’s start with highlighting. Always pick a colour that is one shade lighter than your foundation. If you pick the same colour it won’t really do anything for obvious reasons but if you go for a shade that’s 2 or more shades too light compared to your base then it will look really cake-y and won’t look natural. Trial and error is a good way to go and it’s better if you apply it directly to your face just around your chin to see if the colour is right for you. 

The parts I highlight are my under eyes, cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and the middle part of my forehead. I apply shimmers to my cheek bones, tip of nose, and cuspids bow. 

My favourite products are::

– L.A. Girl Pro.Conceal in the colour ‘Nautral’

– YSL Touche Eclat in the shade 3.

For the shimmer highlights 

– Clarins Shimmer Highlights

– L’Oreal Paris Glam Bronze in the shade 102.

– Benefit Sun Beam

I find contouring much harder than highlighting because you don’t want to shade the wrong parts or you’ll really ruin the shape of your face. What I’ve learnt works best is drawing a curved line from the top of your ear to the corner or your lips. The duck lips help too but this method will definitely confirm you’ve contoured the right part. You should also contour your jaw line and the outer sides of your forehead and also if you want to your nose to add more definition to it.

When picking a contour shade, it should be one shade darker than your foundation colour. Any darker and you’ll probably look like a comic book character. 

I only have two go to products when it comes to contouring and I swear by them. Nothing else does a better job for me. The products I use are:

– L.A Girl Pro.Conceal in the shade toffee

– L’Oreal Paris Glam Bronze in the shade 102. 

When you’re using cream products to contour and highlight it’s important that you set them using a powder product so your work doesn’t move out of place during the course of your day.

To set the highlight I use the No.7 Perfect Light Loose Poweder in the shade 15 Medium 

For the contour if I want something a little more everyday and subtle I’ll use the Glam Bronze directly to my face but if I want something more dramatic and galmourous I’ll use the Pro.Conceal and then use the Glam Bronze to set it. 

The perfect products also need the perfect tools. When it comes to blending the cream products the perfect tool is a beauty blender! A slightly damp and spongy beauty blender dabbed across your face will do the job. Don’t rub it on to your face just lightly dab it around and be patient so that it blends evenly. 

For the powder contour I’m in love with the Sculpting Brush by Real Techniques. It’s nice and fluffy and is the perfect shape to sit in between the hollows of your cheek. 

Finally for the shimmer highlights the real techniques Fan Brush is lovely. It distributes the product evenly and adds a nice subtle highlight. 

When it comes to contour and highlight you should always remember that that every face shape is different and every skin tone is unique. So choose your products carefully and place them properly on the face and then you will get a naturally chiselled look. The more natural it looks the better the whole look. 


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