The Cutest Brushes Ever

So I was randomly browsing in the make up brush isle and I came across a really cute vintage packaging and I instantly thought, I must try these!

They are by The Vintage Cosmetic Company and they have a range of different make up brushes. I picked a three pack face collection which had one powder, one foundation, and one blush brush. 

I love the way these brushes look with the cream handles and the silver top, fits perfectly with the vintage theme of the brand.

Each brush has really soft synthetic bristles which feel so nice against the skin, they are so silky. Due to that nature of the bristles it doesn’t hold on to the product too much like some brushes. There are pros and cons to that really but with these brushes its pro, because it allows for all the product to be transferred to your face and you’re brushes will not get dirty as quick. 

The foundation brush doesn’t streak the foundation at all, I’m not a fan of flat brushes but this works lovely and let’s the foundation go on smoothly.

The powder brush is good to dust on and off loose powders for when you bake your highlight. I found its really good for if you want a really light and subtle blush on your cheeks too because the bristles are soft and fanned out. 

The blush brush is literally that, does the blushing perfectly for you.

Even if you don’t need anymore face brushes I’d still go get these because they just look so cute with all your other brushes! 


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