I’m not one to blog about nail products but these are just amazing! A product called Jamberry, they’re nail wraps that make manicures so quick, easy, and beautiful! I was so lucky to be asked to try them out by a very lovely consultant for Jamberry.

They come with a set of instructions on how to put them on so that your jamicure is perfect and long lasting. I was asked to do a 7 day challenge by putting a nail wrap on one of my fingers and regular nail polish on the others, then compare the lasting quality of both products. 

So I put a Jamberry on my ring finger and put regular nail polish on my other nails. I must say they are super easy to put on look so cute !!

I had to change my nail polish colour half way through the 7 day challenge because the regular nail polish started to get very chipped and I cannot deal with chipped nail polish! But look at them Jamberry, it’s stil so perfect!! It isn’t even peeling off from anywhere.

So after the 7 day challenge this is what my nails looked like (below). Even the second nail polish was extremely chipped but the Jamberry was still good! It did start to peel a little and chip but it stuck down so well. Compared to the regular nail polish it looks amazing!

I really enjoyed trying out this product I think it’s amazing! For a quick mani which will look super cute they are so worth it. They are super easy to stick on and take off and last long as you can see!

I would highly recommend using a consultant to purchase these for yourself as they really do help you all the step of the way. I personally would say go to Kim Doan-Nim she’s amazing and lovely!! Look her up on Facebook and get jamberrying!! https://kimdnimjamz.jamberry.com/


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