NYX Haul

I am in love with NYX products at the moment. Every product I’ve tried so far is amazing. 

So let’s start by talking about their retractable lip liners and eye liners. They are really highly pigmented with a creamy formula which means they are super easy to apply. 

The lip liner is great for if you want to be a little cheeky and over line your lips a little to make them look fuller. It doesn’t  show off that you’ve over lined them but allows it to blend in with your actual lips. It’s blends really easily so you can use it all over as a single colour or to create a beautiful ombré look. 

The eyeliners are universal too. They can be applied to the lid, under the eye, and in the waterline too. They last really long and look amazing. I have sensitive eyes and they don’t cause any irritation in the waterline either.

They also have pencil eyeliners which are just as good as the retractables. The pencil is just as creamy and pigmented. When it comes to these too I guess it’s down to preference: pencil or retractable. Both are just as good. However the main perk of the pencil one is that it is waterproof! And it takes a lot to take it off.

They also have an amazing range of colour mascaras. So I brought myself a blue one (used in a previous make up look post) and its so good. Again the product is very pigmented, however it does take a few coats to really show the colour. I find it more effective on the bottom lashes to enhance a make up look. The darker the natural colour of your eyelashes the more layers you’ll need.

I’ve saved the best product to last which is the Liquid Suede liquid lipstick. It’s a must have! The most gorgeous range of liquid lipsticks I have ever tried. It is long lasting however the colour does fade slightly throughout the day. I wouldn’t say that’s a negative because it fades beautifully and the colour still looks good. The literal creamy suede texture of the product feels amazing on the lips and it isn’t drying at all. It comes on glossy but dries matte. A highly recommended product!

dries matte

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