YSL Vinyl Couture

The Vinyl Couture collection that Yves Saint Laurent released this year is absoultely stunning. As much as I wanted to buy every single item in the collection, I went for the Mascara in the colour I’m the Sotrm (8). Its a beautiful and very glittery mascara/top coat.

The product can be used more than one way which adds to its amazing-ness. 

You can use the product directly onto your eyelashes which gives the full length of your eyelashes sparkles. I’d suggest this method for when you are going for a bold night out look as it would look lovely when dim lighting or strobe lights hit your face. 

Another way is using a plain black mascara on your eyelashes first (also available in the vinyl collection) and then use the wand vertically against your lashes. What this will do is add the sparkle to the tip of your lashes creating a Swarovski look. Something a little more subtle as your lashes will sparkle in the right lighting. 

Lastly you can also use it as an eyeliner! Take your favourite eyeliner brush and dip it into the product and go for it. You can use it under the eyes too. The finish on this product is beautiful. 

I highly recommend the whole collection. YSL is one of the most amazing brands when it comes to beauty products. Their products are high quality and look amazing!


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