Christmas Day 3 – Candles

Yes this is a day late and yes candles aren’t beauty. I have no excuse for my lateness but i do apologise however candles are therapeutic therefore improving beauty!

Marks and Spencer’s have relaeased some amazing festive candles this year and I just couldn’t help but buy them.

Lets start with the candle ‘Winter’ – it’s really hard to explain scents especially with this candle. Its very sweet and fresh like a crisp winter morning where your car is all frosted over and the pavement is shining with frozen ice. The candle itself is so pretty too with tiny glittered acorns, ferns and twigs inside it. 

Another is the ‘Frankincense and Myrrh’ candle – The scent is literally the perfect blend of frankincense and myrrh. Its got a very woody and spicy scent that is very strong but also very festive. Its very warming and gives a cosy, almost home cooking kind of feel when I smell it. Its actually my favourite out of the three.

Last of all is the ‘Mandrin, Clove and Cinnamon’ candle – sweet and spicy but the right amount of every product. Its literally like your cooking christmas dinner when you light it. This candle is also really pretty with the pieces of cloves and cinnamon in it alongside twigs and acorns in it. 

What I love most about these candles is that they smell like the name suggests them to smell and they aren’t perfumed up or a mockery of the name. They smell very original – that’s the best way I can put it. 

Also M&S products are great value for money, you can never go wrong with their things!

Best part of all these are currently part of their christmas range and therefore are in offer for 3 for 2!

The smell good and look good – you cant go wrong!


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