Christmas Day 5! – Body Oils

I am obsessed with body oils at the moment. They are dry oils that you can get with glitter/shimmers in them and they are the most beautiful thing ever. There’s loads of different types you can get that suit your needs but I think they are a must have for any season. They’re in my blogmas because they are golden and glitery and just remind me of a golden glitter bauble.

So I’ve tried two different oils and I love them both.

The first one is the NUXE Paris Huile Prodigieuse – Mutli-purpose Dry Oil. This oil can be used on your face, hair, and body. Its made with a combination of 6 botanical oils and believe me they do wonders. I’ve used it on my hair – my hair is naturally frizzy and this really helped calm it down and added a really pretty glow to it too. Ive also used it in on my face. What I did was applied it all over my face with a little moisturiser before applying my foundation. It really helps keep your make-up and skin hydrated and adds a beautiful glow to your face.

The glitter is not over powering, it doesnt look like you rubbed sparkles all over you. It really blends into your hair and skin and provides the perfect glow. On the plus side it smells amazing!

The next is the Marks and Spencer’s Rosie for Autograph Summer Rose shimmer body oil. This one is only for the body so i suggest not to use it anywhere else. I’d say do a patch test for the face too because it can suit some skins and not others (that goes for all products really). This is just as beautiful as the NUXE one but a little more pigmented in the shimmer. Really good to add to your collar bones for that off shoulder dress you’re going to wear to the Christmas party on saturday!

This one smells even better which is just a plus point because it means if you forgot to put on perfume it’ll subsitute for it. 

I think these are great to add that subtle glow that will look really natural and because they’re mainly made from oils they are really good for your skin too. Obviously if you have naturally oily skin it’s worth testing these products out before purchasing them because even though they are dry oils they are still essentially oils and could make your skin condition worse. 

I really hope you guys are enjoying my blogmas posts! It’s the first time I’ve done them and I would really love it if you guys could comment below how you’re finding them. Much love!x


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