Christmas Day 7! – NYX Lips

In a previous blog post I did a NYX haul which had the NYX liquid suede lipsticks featured in it. Since then my NYX obsession has only grown as they have a massive range of liquid lipsticks to choose one and just having one isn’t enough. So I’ve gone and brought a couple of shades that are not only holiday perfect but also just great additions to your collection. 

Lets start with the Soft Matte Lip Cream that I got in the colour Copenhagen. Everyone needs a dark lip for the festive season and I believe this is the best one. The Copenhagen colour is a deep berry red that will go great with any dress and on the plus sided the lipstick smells so good, as if you’re eating sweeties. These lip creams are so nice, they really do feel soft on the lips and have a beautiful matte finish. However they aren’t kissable – the colour does fade after you eat or use your lips (lol) so it is in need of reapplication. But the formula and the colour range in this collection if definitely worth it. 

The other one was the NYX Lip Lingerie in the colour Embellishment. This range comes with any nude you’d ever need and all the colours are absoultely beautiful and sexy. This colour is liked a nude but mauve shade, really good to pair with a bold rose gold eye look. The formula is again non drying and these ones do last long. They’re actually really hard to take off so perfect for any venue with mistletoe. I seriously would buy every colour from the lingerie collection because they have a lovely arrangement of colours to match any skin tone. 

This brand is so good and affordable – it is my go to, especially for lipstick. 


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