Christmas Day 8! – New Look

New look have recently extended and taken out a new make up and beauty line and I am really liking it. There range includes some really nice gifting sets too with are really good for the festive season. 

I treated myself to one of the box sets which includes their lipstick collection. The box includes 3 matte lipsticks and 3 moisturising lipsticks in a very cute white and copper box. 

Lets go through the mattes first: 

One of the colours is called Crushed Rose – it’s literally like a pink rose, very mute and great for an afternoon lunch or even an everyday look. 

Next is the colour Mulberry – its a gorgeous deep plum, purple toned, good for the more bolder looks but its not too extraordinary that you will barely use the colour. I think you can pull it up with most outfits as long as you’re confident rocking a dark lip. 

The last matte colour is Dusty Pink – it is a very light pink which I think is the perfect every day colour. Especially if you have naturally pinky lips its a good nude. 

Now for the Moisture Lipsticks: 

The first colour is Nude: it is the lightest pink ever and is literally a nude lipstick. You can barely see it on and it just helps add a little more colour to your lips for that no make-up look.

Next is the colour Spice: This is another pink but more going towards the browny-pink side. This one is shimmery and has little specks of glitter in it. I’d probably use this with a bold eye look where I want my lips to look dressy but not as bold as my eye look. 

Last of all is the colour Deep Rouge: This is a classic red lipstick and has a slightly matte/Metallicy Finish. A great lipstick for when youre just wanted to go with a red lipstick and i believe that you can never have enough red Lipsticks so this is a great addition to the collection. 

 All the lipsticks are great but their pigments are buildable, the more layers you apply the more intense the colour – especially with the mattes. They’re also non-drying formulas but the Moisture lipsticks, for obvious reasons are more moisturising due to their moisture and are a little more sheer than the mattes. 

I think that new look make up is great quality and absolutely affordably priced. They’ve packaged their collection up really nicely and they look way more expensive than they actually are.

I highly recommend you head into a big new look and explore their products if you’re looking for something new to try. 


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