Christmas Day 9! – Diorific 

Now remember when I said yesterday that you can never have enough red lipsticks. Well welcome to blogmas day 9 where i introduce you to the most cutest and stunning bottle of liquid lipstick you have ever seen brought to you by Dior. 

Now I was at the airport travelling to Morocco for my birthday when I saw this little gem and I just had to treat myself to it. But it was only fitting to blog about it during Christmas due to its red colour and somewhat festive packaging. 

So lets talk about the Diorific Matte Fluid Lip & Cheek Velvet Colour. This range comes in 4 different colours, all very unique and very much down to personal choice on what you go for and I just love red lipstick so I went for the shade 004 Luxury. This however is also a cheek stain, which is a concept that’s becoming quite popular with brands. 

The formula is super super pigmented and due to the cheek stain nature, is buildable. So you can apply it to your lips as you would any liquid lipstick or add small dots to your cheeks and blend it out using a beauty blender or even your fingers.

Left: direct application Right: blended out

It does take a white to mattify and due to its blendable nature it isn’t kiss proof. However to make up for that the formula is very hydrating and keeps your lips moisturised as long as you wear it. The lipstick also has the classic Dior scent which is just amazing. 

You can’t go wrong buying Dior lipsticks. Yes they are a high end brand but they know their cosmetics and therefore their products will always be worth it. I own a lot of Dior lipsticks and they are just amazing. Plus the packaging of this is just so beautiful, imaging whipping that out of your clutch at a Christmas party!

So if you’re feeling a little cheeky this christmas go and invest in one of these stunning liquid lipsticks there are other colours to choose from too. 


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