Christmas Day 10! – Take the Day Off

Now you need the perfect products to create a great make up look but in order to look after your skin you need the perfect products to remove that make up off. 

Its the festive season so that means there’s going to be lots of parties, which means lots of make up so I seriously recommend you get your hands on Clinque’s Take the Day Off make up remover set. The set comes with two great make up remover products.

The first product is the Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk – this is a great all over the face remover and cleanser. You only need a tiny bit to remove eye makeup and even waterproof foundations. The milk can be used with or without water so you can either add it to a cotton swab and rub it on your face or mix it with water and wash your make up off. The formula is very moisturising too so it’s recommended for people with dry skin – the cleanser is great for cleaning off the products and pores but also keeps your skin hydrated.

The other is the Take the Day Off Make up Remover for lids, lashes and lips. This is more specific for eye makeup – so really good for removing waterproof products and residual glue from lashes. The formula includes oils so once you’ve used it you do need to wash your face before you apply other products. Again its really good for people with dry skin but if you do have naturally oily skin then I’d recommend you’d just wash your face after use.

These products are amazing and I highly recommend them – they’re great for removing heavy make up looks where you’ve layered a lot of products so that your skin is getting the correct care. 


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