Christmas Day 11! – Kiko 

I really like Kiko make up – they have really affordable and good quality make up. Plus they have so many offers going on all the time, its a great place to start growing your make up collection.

They do a CLICS system with eyeshadows where you can pick different colours to create your own unique palette. So I went and got these beautiful Christmas-y shades from them. 

One colour I got was a beautiful mauve pink with pink glitter in it. Great for the crease and colour build of a bold look. The other was a gorgeous bronze/copper. Great all over the eye look as it has a lovely metallic finish – perfect bold look.

Id probably use the first mauve colour as a transition colour and then add the metallic one on top – no eyeliner but dramatic lashes! 

These eyeshadows are highly pigmented and you dont even need a primer for them to really show off their colour. There are so many other products by Kiko too so i suggest you head to your nearest one and start exploring. 


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