Christmas Day 12! – Nuit Parfum

Im sorry this is late! Busy busy with christmas and end of semester with uni! 

So since these are my blogmas posts its only fair to help you guys pick out presents for your favourites this festive season. Perfumes are a great present because everyone likes to smell nice! Plus you might have someone who loves perfumes and is always looking to increase their collection.

So we’re back to the Rosie for Autograph collection by Marks & Spencer’s. The fragrance collection has 2 different perfumes in it with their own unique blend of scents. 

The one I shall mention is the Nuit Parfum which is a blend of oils from the French centifolia rose and jasmine flowers and a hint of musk. It’s a very unique scent that’s warm and sweet but not that typical floral scent which is what makes it that extra bit special. 

Its the perfect non-girly floral smell plus the packaging is beautiful too so it will be a beautiful addition to your dresser. 

The other scent is the summer rose which is a more lighter smell with equally amazing packaging and unique blends of oils.

The fact that these perfumes are eau dead Parfums make them much more longer lasting – a scent that will linger on your skin and clothes for a while. 


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