Christmas Day 13! – Lipfinity 

It’s party season – you’ll be going to lots of Christmas parties/dinners so you need lipsticks that are going to last! 

The Max Factor Lipfinity liquid lipsticks are absoultely amazing. They are one of the oldest liquid lipstick brands and are going great. They have a ridiculous variety of colours and last literally 24 hours – they are kissproof and christmas dinner-proof. They come in a range of finishes to suit every need so I’d say head to your local boots soon!

One negative about them is that they are very drying but the brand covers that because every lipstick comes with a moisturiser that can be applied on top of the lipstick once its dried. The lipstick will fall apart and start to crumble if you try to use a different moisturiser on top of it so you have to use the one by MaxFactor. 

They are on the pricey side but it is an amazing lipstick and the tiny bottle lasts a very long time. 


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