Christmas Day 14 & 15! – All About the Eyes

Yes I’m cheating a little but this blog has two really cool products by Maybelline New York. 

For me the basic needs for any eye look is a good eyeliner and mascara. I can’t finish a look without eyeliner – its a personal choice but that then means that my eyeliner has to be really good and matte. I dont like gloss finishes I don’t know why just not a fan. 

So lets start with this eyeliner by Maybelline called ‘Mater Precise Curvy’. Lets start off with the packaging – it seems really inconvenient but its quite cleverly designed so that you can twist it around easily to make your line thick or thin. The applicator is also a curved drop shape so when you hold it at different angles it gives you different thicknesses. Its like a felt tip that dispenses liquid eyeliner. The formula is quick drying and matte. Now I wouldn’t sat its an eyeliner you can instantly use but with a little practice its a great eyeliner. 

The next is the mascara called the Falsies Push up Drama in Indecent Black. Sometimes you dont want to go through the effort of putting on fake lashes so this mascara is the one. The wand is plastic with really tiny plastic bristles – the packaging says their cup shaped. Now I dont exactly know why they’re like that but when I used it I realised it really holds onto every lash and coats it with mascara. Also because the bristles are so good at grabbing the lash hairs they’re really good at curving your lashes and giving it a false look. 

These are amazing gifts too I think or at least great stocking fillers. I love Maybelline make up – I have never ever been disappointed with their products!


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