Christmas Day 16 & 17! – Eyelashes

Party season definitely means you need some fake lashes to make that look more glamorous. I’ve got two different types of lashes to share with you which both are on two different ends of the make up price spectrum.

Lets start with the most popular lashes that you can grab on the high street – Eylure Lashes

These beauties are the no.202 dramatic eyelashes. They’re lashes are super good quality and reuseable. The lashes are really soft and light so they don’t look plastic at all and don’t weigh your eyes down so much. Give them a good wash in warm soapy water and they’re good to go. These dramatic versions really are dramatic, they give you a really full on look – definitely one for the evening parties. 

The second are from Primark (they’re £1! Shhh..) they come in a range of styles and they’re really good! They’re great for a quick fix and even daily use. The glue they come with is really good too actually but you can obviously use other glues with them if you want. They look really good on and they are so soft and light. I wouldn’t recommend reusing them too much because, even though I haven’t tried i dont think they’d do too well if you tried to wash them. 

Eyelure lashes are great and last you a good time plus they come in a ridiculous range of styles to suite any look. But primark ones are great too if you’re not a regular lash user or need a quick fix. Plus they’re great if you’re new to applying lashes as you can use them to practice with. 


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