Christmas Day 21! – Amazing Face

Still looking for gifts? Well hurry because its almost christmas! With only 4 sleeps away the festive season is literally around the corner and for all your beauty loving friends I’ve got the perfect gift!

The Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm is one of the most popular cleaning balm out there that most bloggers swear by and at Marks & Spencer Online (that’s where I got it from) is doing a set of 3 50ml cleansing balms with 3 cleansing cloths in a gift box!

The good thing about this is it can make one gift for an Emma Hardy lover or you can split the products and make 3 gifts/stocking fillers!

The blam is a great make up remover that helps clean your pores too so that your skin is properly looked after. The cleansing cloth helps to exfoliate the skin in order to remove any junk from clogged pores alongside dead skin. I personally wash my face or use a make up remover first to remove the thicker layer of make up followed by the balm to do more of the deep cleaning. 

The balm can also be used as an over night mask especially if you have dry skin as it helps hydrate your skin and keep it looking fresh in the morning!

This product is amazing and if you can get your hands on the gift set it’s even better!


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