They’re Real?!

Now there are a range of opinions on Benefit Cosmetics new They’re Real! Lipsticks which are two toned – lipstick and lipliner.

I personally like them. The colours are super pigmented and the formula is moisturising and easy to glide on to the lips. I personally invested in one of their 2016 Christmas promotional gift packs which came with two of the They’re Real Beyond Sexy Lipsticks & Liner in one and two of their tints, all in mini form. 

I know these lipsticks have been out for a while now but they deserve to be blogged about! 

So like i said before, the formula is pigmented and very moisturising. The two toned stick actually does help give the illusion of more plumped lips – it automatically contours your lips without extra effort. Just glide the lipstick on, rub your lips together to blend and you’re good to go!

The tints are also stunning. They give a great natural look to your lips and are non drying. The set recommends that you apply the tint first and then ply the lipstick on top to make it longer lasting and increase the pigmentation. This is because the tints are long lasting and don’t come off throughout the day but the lipsticks aren’t. So combining them makes the lipsticks last a little longer. 

From top to bottom: Bene Tint, Revved-Up Red, Pink Trills and Lolli Tint.

I agree that layering makes a difference in the pigmentation but the lipstick does fade throughout the day. It wont completely peel off the glass like normal lipsticks but eventually it will start fading but it still looks good just a lighter colour!

After Christmas Benefit released more colours in the lipstick and they are all amazing. There is a colour for everybody! I recommend you give these a try for yourself for a instant plump look!


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