Apologies and new discoveries 

First of all I would like to apologise for disappearing off my blog for so long. Second year at uni is not like first year! Also there’s been way too much to do outside of my blogging world. I know its no excuse but its nice to provide an explanation rather than none. 

Obviously not blogging hasn’t stopped me from going out and buying products! I have so much to share with you guys. 

The most important thing I think is worth sharing are the new eyeshadows by Kiko Milano! The new Smart Colour indivual shadows are just amazing!! They come in 32 beautiful shades and the most compact, neat, simple but cute packaging. What I love about the packaging is that unlike their Clics eyeshadows the lid is attached, so theres reduced damage to them. 

Let’s talk about the product itself. Super, super, SUPER pigmented. Obviously that’s what Kiko knows best, they know how to add pigmentation to their eyeshadows. Each colour just pops against your skin and you don’t need to work with too much product to create your look. They come in 3 finishes; Matte, Metallic, and Pearly. All just as pigmented as each other and all come in a range of stunning shades.

Now the best part.. each eyeshadow is only £2.50. There are limited places where you can get individual eyeshadows that are inexpensive and good quality and I promise you Kiko is one of those places. I love this shop so much, there’s only one shopping centre close to me that has a shop and it is a must that I drop by! (For those of you wondering I go to Westfield London – White City)

I tried many colours in store but I personally love bronze shades and neutral colours so these are the two colours I went for were the shades 03 metallic bronze and 12 metallic rosy sand. 

Just look at how beautiful the colours are and the amazing pigmentation. A little bit of primer under them will make them pop even more!!

I’m going to say this one last time I highly highly recommend you invest in some Kiko eyeshadows!


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